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How Can Mechanical Design Consultants Ensure Faster Project Execution?

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For a mechanical design service provider, the most important aspect of project execution is to ensure that the work is completed as per client specifications and in a faster turnaround time, within the proposed deadlines.


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How Can Mechanical Design Consultants Ensure Faster Project Execution?

The first step to ensuring a faster turnaround time is to understand why delays happen. With years of experience in handling all types of mechanical design projects across a wide array of industries, I have observed that, often delays happen because risks and what if scenarios are not identified and thought of in the initial stages of design.

Identify What if Scenarios, and Mitigate the Possibilities of Failure:
Identifying what if scenarios and mitigating risks is the first step to ensure that a project is executed in a fast and efficient manner. We consider every facet of a product, including client’s requirements, the actual use of the product and extreme conditions the product might get exposed to during its lifecycle.

New Age Mechanical Design Demands a Close Knit Application of CAD and CAE Capabilities:
The gap between CAD and CAE has closed, and both are two closely integrated disciplines that can be implemented in concurrence, so that a robust and as desired product can be achieved. Now, how does this integration cause engineers to develop products faster?

When conventional design process, is backed by CAD and CAE capabilities it enables engineers to experiment more, iterate designs and simulate them to analyze how a product reacts to specific conditions.  Thereby, designs are tested for the ‘what if’ scenarios and risk conditions, and hence designed to perform their best. As a result, the chances of failure when the design is prototyped and tested are less. In possibly a single prototype, a design can be tested and approved. This means that the expenses that go into repeated prototyping are saved. Since there is no need for design iteration and repeated prototyping and testing, the turnaround time is also fast. Besides the product designed is easy to manufacture, durable and also performs better.

Process Mapping:
Now this process of utilizing CAD and CAE capabilities to design a product is a complex one, and requires to be mapped. A marked mapping of all the design requirements and resulting iterations at every stage should be done and documented well. These way designers can avoid unnecessary rework while making design iterations; thereby reduce the chances of delays.

Prahlad Parmar

About Author: is an Engineering Specialist working at Mechanical 3D Modelling for the past 4 years. He caters critical engineering challenges with ease and performs exhaustive procedures to develop robust, well-engineered and high performance designs. He can always be found in the lab discussing, brainstorming and tweaking designs.

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