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We have extensive experience in supporting the product design and manufacturing of boilers and accessories, enabling manufacturers and plant owners to take informed decisions quickly and remain productive and profitable.

Our mechanical engineering team comprises of mechanical engineers, CAD specialists and CAE experts who provide key design information on boiler development & design right from conceptual stages. We primarily deliver mechanical engineering services that include development of detailed 2D CAD drawings, 3D CAD models as well as engineering analysis for boiler and its components through CFD and FEA.

With key information made available to stakeholders at different stages of boiler design development, we assist in reducing errors and rework and thus minimize the development schedule. Our analysis capabilities further assist in effective evaluation/inspection of boiler and equipment and thereby reduce the cost of complex repairs and modifications.

We make use of industry-leading 3D solid modeling tools such as SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, Creo and SolidEdge to develop design information in 2D and 3D for small steam, water tube, waste heat, water, coal fired, wood, water tube steam, coal fired steam, boiler water tube design, heat recovery, gas fired boiler design, fire tube, vertical and oil fired boilers.

Our Services for Boilers Design:

  • Legacy design data conversion for boiler and its accessories to 2D CAD drawings
  • 2D fabrication drawings for heavy steel boiler plate, steam drums, scrubbers and separators, filter tanks, ammonia tanks, storage tanks and process tanks as per ASME standards
  • 3D CAD modeling for boiler and equipment, ASME pressure vessels and tanks
  • Structural, thermal and vibration analysis for boiler and related components using FEA
  • Combustion, particle tracking, heat transfer and pressure drop analysis using CFD

We also help boiler manufacturers with all types of boiler parts design including smoke uptake, economizer, steam outlet, cyclone, stays & stay tube, header, heaters & superheaters, attemperator, condenser, condensate pump, water drum, burner, footing, water wall, boiler hood, riser, downcomer, steam drum, etc.

Our simulation capabilities include ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS Fluent, OpenFOAM and ANSYS CFX. From USA, Canada, UK and Europe to Middle East, Australia and APEC, we have partnered with SMEs to Fortune 500 clients to deliver design support services with our global presence and local expertise.

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