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We specialize in delivering sheet metal design services to support development of industrial equipment, building products & enclosures and fabricated metal products.

Our mechanical engineering team provides detailed design information in terms of 2D fabrication drawings, flat patterns and 3D CAD model for sheet metal product development. We have developed extensive experience in sheet metal design while working with various fabricators and product manufacturers globally, allowing us to deliver accurate design information as per the client shop setup.

3D CAD Model for Sheet Metal Product
3D CAD Model for Sheet Metal Product
Sheet Metal Enclosure
Sheet Metal Enclosure

From manufacturers of doors and windows, building security systems & hardware, electrical components, moisture & thermal protection products, building enclosures, metal furniture and other custom architectural and structural sheet metal components, our sheet metal design services help in reducing material scrap and improve productivity.

Our Services for Sheet Metal Design:

  • Drafting and detailing support for 2D and 3D solid sheet metal parts and assemblies
  • Solid 3D models to sheet metal part conversion with thickness, bend radius, and K-factor
  • Development of weld details to sheet metal parts on models or drawings
  • 3D sheet metal model and complete 2D flat drawings, assembly drawings from manual blueprints, manufacturing drawings, fabrication drawings, nesting drawings
  • Sheet metal forming design with critical dimensions, embosses and offsets, bend radius, bend relief, forming near holes, form height to thickness ratio, and edge distortion

From formability studies, stress determination and predicting springback effect to vibration analysis and fatigue life estimation of sheet metal products and equipment, our FEA specialists help in validating and optimizing designs prior to production.

Apart from 2D drafting and SolidWorks 3D modeling, we also enable sheet metal product development teams to evaluate the design through our virtual testing capabilities. We specialize in using SolidWorks for sheet metal design apart from Inventor, SolidEdge, Creo and AutoCAD.

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Our Clients